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Stay on top of your issues and schedule status transitions: Schedule. Event. Done. 1234...GO

✨ Effortless Status Updates

Forget remembering to update issue statuses. Status Scheduler lets you set it and forget it! Whether it's closing tasks with no activity or triggering a review stage after 6 months, it's all taken care of.

➡️ Easy and Simple Setup

Creating schedules has never been smoother. With Status Scheduler's intuitive stepper, enjoy a visually pleasing interface as you define the dates and conditions that drive your workflow.

​🚀 Boost Productivity, Boost Results

Empower your team to be more productive and achieve better results. Get started with Status Scheduler today and watch your workflow reach new heights!

More details

🔄 Status Scheduler is a powerful tool that allows issue statuses to be changed automatically based on selected dates and conditions, enhancing efficiency and helping teams stay organized in dynamic project environments.

  • 🔄 Streamline issues
  • 🔍 Sleek and intuitive design
  • 🔨 Create the schedule that works for you
  • ⌚ Save precious time


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Privacy and security

Privacy policy

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Integration Details

🔄 Status Scheduler integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Delete issue properties.
  • Take Jira administration actions (e.g. create projects and custom fields, view workflows, manage issue link types).
  • Create and edit project settings and create new project-level objects (e.g. versions and components).
  • Read Jira project and issue data, search for issues, and objects associated with issues like attachments and worklogs.


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