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Easily visualize git diff, patch files, and compare code/text differences

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Visualize Git Diff and Patch file

Easily import the content of your Git Diff or Patch file and visualize it in your Confluence Document

Compare your code or Text

By adding two versions of your code or text, you can easily visualize the changes made between them.

Keep your data within your Confluence instance

We keep your data within your Confluence instance and do not store it elsewhere

More details

Welcome to Diff Tool,

your go-to application for highlighting differences between codes and texts with precision.

Whether you’re comparing documents, reviewing code, integrating changes with patch files, or sharing updates that impact other projects or structures, our tool streamlines the process.

Just input two versions of text or import content from a git diff or git patch file, and watch as our app efficiently identifies and displays any changes.

Ideal for developers, content creators, and project managers alike, Diff Tool helps ensure that no detail is overlooked, facilitating better communication and collaboration across teams.

Get started now to experience the ease of tracking changes, sharing critical updates, and collaborating more effectively.

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