Exporter for Xray - Power BI, Looker, Tableau, CSV, JSON

for Jira Cloud
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🚀Connect Xray data to Power BI/Tableau/Looker Studio for insights. Export to CSV/JSON with no limits. All-in-one no-code solution

Unleash full Xray potential with Data Processor

Premium addon for Data Processor for Jira Free or PRO versions. Seamlessly export specific Xray fields to Power BI, Tableau, or Looker Studio, enhancing your testing workflows and analysis capabilities.

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Overcome the Jira 1000-row export limitation

Integrate Xray data into Data Processor Free or PRO. Export easily in CSV, JSON, Excel, and PDF without limits. Analyze, store, or visualize effortlessly with our no-code tool. Beneficial for migrating.

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Manage team access rights - Prioritize security!

Take charge of your Jira/Xray data with customizable access and export settings. Securely define who sees what, aligning sensitive data availability with specific Jira Groups and permissions set by admins.

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Data Processor for Xray enhances Data Processor for Jira Free or PRO versions, linking Xray data to BI tools like Power BI, Tableau, and Looker Studio for deep insights. Offers unlimited extraction in CSV, JSON, Excel, or PDF. Suitable for all skill levels.🚀FEATURES:

  • Export Xray data to Power BI, Tableau, or Looker Studio to enhance your testing workflows and analysis capabilities
  • Use basic filters and JQL to specify data export
  • Set scheduled refreshes and always be up-to-date
  • Export over 1000 results to your favourite formats: CSV, JSON, Excel, or PDF
  • Assign access levels to Team Groups


  • Eliminates the need for multiple connectors, ideal for Enterprises with diverse BI teams
  • No-code solution

NOTE: Data Processor for Xray is a paid add-on to the FREE or PRO versions of the Data Processor for Jira app. The Data Processor Ecosystem will expand. Check our Roadmap for updates and don't forget to leave a Review after using our app.

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Integration Details

Exporter for Xray - Power BI, Looker, Tableau, CSV, JSON integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Act on a user's behalf, even when the user is offline
  • Read data from the host application