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Just disables built-in time-tracking features of Jira

As you know, Atlassian has two different app development frameworks for the cloud: the newer Forge Framework and the older Connect Framework. Although Forge is a more secure and newer framework, it still lacks some features of the older Connect Framework. One such feature is setting the app as a "Time tracking provider." You cannot set Forge apps as "Time tracking providers." As a result, when you install a Forge app for time tracking, you will have two "Log work actions" and two "Worklogs panels." Installing this app will allow you to set WorklogPRO as the time tracking provider. After that, Jira's built-in time tracking features will disappear from the "issue view," and you will only see WorklogPRO's time tracking features.

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WorklogPRO Companion App integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

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