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Empower your dashboard experience with Markup Gadgets: Customize, visualize, and add insights into your reports

🔍 Add focus to your reports

With Markup Gadgets, you're not just customizing your dashboard – you're making your reports more valuable by adding context to them.

💎 Craft unique visuals

With our simple but effective styling features, you can add your team’s personality. From custom backgrounds to intuitive icons, Markup Gadgets empowers you to transform data into a visual narrative.

👋 Advanced customization

Using Atlassian’s markup renderer, you have the flexibility to add information in multiple shapes. Markup Gadgets lets you add your own style into your dashboards while maintaining clarity and functionality.

More details

Documentation | Help Center | Statuspage

The Markup Gadget enables users to incorporate formatted content into their Dashboards. Utilizing Atlassian’s intuitive markup renderer, individuals, regardless of technical expertise, can generate insightful reports.

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💎 Power Features:

  • Markup inside your dashboard
  • Change gadget background color
  • Custom icons

🖍️ Formatting Options

  • Bold, Italic, Underscore, and more
  • Text Color, Heading sizes, Alignment options, bullet and numbered lists.
  • Tables, Links, Info Panels, Code Snippets, Quotes, Dividers, Statuses and more!

🔒 Compliance

  • Built with Atlassian’s Forge
  • Your data is hosted within Atlassian's infrastructure
  • Supports Atlassian's Data Residency option
  • Does not store personal data

Privacy and security

Privacy policy

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Integration Details

Markup Gadget for Jira integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Read and write to app storage service