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Reports for Jira | Automated Sprint Insights & Data Analysis

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Instant Automated Jira Reports & Sprint Retrospective Insights for Software Delivery Teams

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Save Hours Spent On Sprint Reporting Tasks

Our users save 8 hours a week on average with Jira reports & insights about the software delivery flow. You’ll know exactly where your team invests their time, eliminating the need for calls or manual Jira reporting.

In-Depth Reports Across Teams & Projects

Middleware provides a panoramic view of your software delivery pipeline across teams & sprints. This insight into every atom of your delivery flow helps you take charge of your product roadmap & remove mechanical work.

From Chaos to Clarity

With Middleware you can turn chaotic sprint data into clear, actionable insights, giving your team the fuel they need to focus on what they excel at: crafting exceptional software.

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Jira Sprint Reports by Middleware is SOC2 Compliant🔐

Trusted by leading tech focused companies like BharatPe, Springboard, Grip & more, our Jira Reports tool is designed to help Engineering Leaders save up to 20% of their time so they can lead the product roadmap and focus on business growth.

"Our team has gotten healthier and more collaborative than ever before. At my level I can jump in and get an idea of how all of my teams are operating around the world. We're able to see the health of the sprints, what are we taking in, what's spilling over. And the team at Middleware is always around, always available too." - Kris Chase, VP of Software Engineering @ Talent Systems

Key Features:

  • Generate Sprint Retrospective Insights & Jira Reports Instantly
  • Productivity Patterns & Trends Over Sprints
  • Cycle Time Analysis
  • Deployment Frequency & Trends
  • Software Project Delivery Flow Visualization
  • Understand Developer Time Investment Trends

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Integration Details

Reports for Jira | Automated Sprint Insights & Data Analysis integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • View email addresses of users
  • Act on a user's behalf, even when the user is offline
  • Read data from the host application


Get an overview against each Jira ticket and the time invested.

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