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Enable pinpointed, real-time chat and commenting on any web and mobile projects. Turn conversations into trackable Jira issues

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Start conversations right in your product

Initiate discussions and feedback directly within your digital projects, streamlining collaboration and enhancing productivity.

Easily share your thoughts with your team

Effortlessly communicate and share ideas with your team members, ensuring clarity and fostering a collaborative environment.

Explain your ideas easier with annotations

Simplify the process of conveying ideas by using annotations, making it easier to provide feedback and suggestions.

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Commented: Simplify Team Collaboration

Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling between scattered conversations. Speed up your communication up to 75% with seamless real-time collaboration on your product!

Awards & Recognition:

  • Golden Kitty Awards 2023 Nominee by Product Hunt
  • 2nd Product of the day (1400+ upvotes) - September 2023
  • Trusted by 500+ teams worldwide

Key Features:

  • Directly place comments on live websites, web, and mobile apps
  • AI-powered suggestions for content improvement
  • Annotation feature for precise discussions and feedback
  • Efficient team communication with sticky conversations

Join thousands of teams worldwide using Commented to streamline their collaboration process.

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