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Streamline Development with DevRev: Unveil Issue Details Seamlessly on Jira UI

The integration between DevRev and Jira revolutionizes issue management by merging their functionalities seamlessly. Users can effortlessly create and link tickets from Jira, streamlining the process and eliminating manual data entry. Moreover, detailed discussions related to specific issues are accessible within the Jira interface, fostering better collaboration and informed decision-making. This integration enhances visibility and accountability throughout the development process, allowing project managers to monitor progress and allocate resources efficiently. By centralizing issue management and communication, teams can work cohesively towards achieving project goals with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

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Atlassian's privacy policy is not applicable to the use of this app. Please refer to the privacy policy provided by this app's partner.

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Integration Details

DevRev for Jira integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • View user information in Jira that the user has access to, including usernames, email addresses, and avatars.
  • Read Jira project and issue data, search for issues, and objects associated with issues like attachments and worklogs.
  • Read and write to app storage service