Great SQL Database Integration

for Confluence Data Center 5.6 - 8.9.4 and more
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Great SQL enables executing SQL queries on a database and presenting the results as a table on a Confluence page

SQL query results as tables on Confluence page

Write a query to the database and showcase the results as a table on the Confluence page. Insert any number of queries on a page, each will be displayed as a separate table. The results are always up-to-date!

Very simple Administrator configuration

As a Confluence administrator, define database connections in two steps: add the JDBC driver (.jar file) and set connection parameters. Each connection has its own permission configuration for designated spaces.

Dynamic table sorting, attractive visualization

Inserting the Great SQL macro is very easy – choose the database connection you want to use and then write the SQL query. The results will be presented as a table that you can dynamically sort by any column.

More details

Great SQL enables seamless and intuitive integration of Confluence with databases. Users can write SQL queries directly to databases and present the results on Confluence pages as tables. The plugin comes with many enhancements that make it smooth and user-friendly. Additional advantages include visual aspects, with generated tables featuring row highlighting under the mouse cursor, and the ability to sort by any column. Thanks to Great SQL, you can showcase always up-to-date SQL query results on Confluence pages.

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