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The #1 Python app in the Atlassian Marketplace

EFJ Python Script (Post function)

Build simple scripts that maximize efficiency with our Python Post Function that also allows you to import code from your repository.


Our Listener functionality is built in a way that facilitates global context scripts to be executed. So you don't have to edit workflows, you can also enable / disable the listeners when you need.

Code Repository

Build reusable code that can be referenced on your transitions and listeners. With the repository you are able to edit your code in a single place while keeping versions that you can rollback in case anything happens

More details

Transform Your Jira Experience with Easy for JiraWelcome to Easy for Jira, your new go-to Python solution designed specifically for the Atlassian Ecosystem. Tailored to streamline and supercharge your Jira workflows, our intuitive app brings Python right into your Jira Instance.We're continuously refining both functionality and aesthetics, and we value your feedback every step of the way. Our main features are:

  • EFJ Python Script (Post Function): Automate and streamline workflows effortlessly triggering Python code during transitions.
  • Global Listeners: Trigger Python code with globally configured events.
  • Python Console: Allows you to test & execute code directly in your browser with the context of your instance.
  • Code Repository: Organize and manage your code efficiently with this interface which to allows you to globally reuse code so you don't have to edit 100+ transitions on code changes, you import the file and edit it in a centralized place.

Efficiency meets simplicity with EFJ!

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