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Find the information you need quickly and easily with our AI-powered assistant

Intuitive to use

Simply @FluencyBot with your query within your communication tool

Improves with time

Learns automatically with the power of ChatGPT


Select only relevant spaces, with flexible display settings

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Why choose FluencyBot?

  • Simple and intuitive installation that works seamlessly with your current Confluence setup.
  • Save up to two hours weekly per team member, streamlining work processes for better productivity.
  • Prioritise your data’s safety with our fully compliant ISO 27001 standards for the highest security and privacy.
  • Ask any question and get succinct, summarised answers powered by GPT-4 AI, which means no more endless searching.

FluencyBot is primarily in English but supports questions in multiple languages. It’s ready for Slack and soon for Microsoft Teams too.

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