Backlog Explorer for Jira - scaled backlog management

by Quirk
for Jira Cloud
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Gain insights on the true status of your scaled work items, and how estimation effects the size of your backlog

Additional statistics on your backlog items

Ever wonder how many story points are currently in progress within an Initiative, or how much estimated time is left outstanding for an Epic? We have you covered.

Traverse your scaled backlog with ease

Multiple views allow you to drill-down (or roll-up) your work items to allow you to quickly understand the progress made against your backlog.

Quickly switch between estimation methods

Whether your backlog is sized by story points, time estimates, or just pure issue count, you can see in real time how your backlog is augmented by different views to get a real sense of progress in your backlog.

More details

One of the most vital components of a successful team is maintaining a healthy backlog. Backlog hygiene is also one of the most commonly reported challenges to advancing team maturity. Without continuous grooming and management, a backlog can contain missing tags, outdated information or other falsehoods that hinder the progress of your team.

But what if your team could see its backlog in a single location, including which parts need attention? This would make it easier for everyone to stay on top of backlog management and ensure it is a system or record, or source of truth, for all your reporting needs.

That's where the Backlog Explorer comes in. The Backlog Explorer for Jira app creates visual representations of your scaled backlog to give you full oversight on the progress and gaps within your work, allowing you to quickly address any issues before they become real problems!

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