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for Jira Data Center 8.0.0 - 9.16.1 and more
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Salesforce Jira Integration to establish seamless team collaboration along with Jira Salesforce bidirectional integration

Seamless Salesforce Team Collaboration & Workflow

Enhance Team Collaboration with Salesforce Jira Integration. Sync CRM & Jira Issue data for real-time visibility, empowering users with effortless communication and collaboration across platforms.

Realtime Salesforce Bi-directional Integration

Sync Jira and Salesforce changes in real time, ensuring both systems are always up-to-date. This enhanced connectivity eliminates data inconsistencies and keeps your teams efficient with the latest information.

Salesforce Widget Integration

Enhance Salesforce experience with our integrated widget. Create Jira issues directly from Salesforce records & view Jira comments within Salesforce, optimizing collaboration, productivity, & saving user license costs.

More details

Our Jira Salesforce integration syncs Jira and JSM issues, comments, and attachments with Salesforce bidirectionally, enabling real-time visibility and effortless communication and collaboration across both platforms.

Exciting: Allows creation of Jira Issues from Salesforce, saving user license costs. Automate workflow with Salesforce using configurable triggers provided within our app.

  • One-click connection with Salesforce.
  • Sync Jira & JSM issues, comments, & attachments bi-directionally with Salesforce in real-time.
  • Configurable triggers that allow automation of workflows with Salesforce.
  • Configurable and conditional field mapping between Salesforce and Jira Fields.
  • Create Jira Issues from Salesforce, saving user license costs.
  • Access Jira issues, comments in Salesforce & vice-versa, enhancing team collaboration.
  • On-Demand Sync options, sync Jira Issues with Salesforce manually when needed.

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