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Create Worklogs from your Google Calendar Event

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Integrate Google Calendar with Jira

Automatically log time in Jira from Google Calendar events, reducing manual entry errors and ensuring accurate time reporting. This streamlined process enhances project tracking and resource management.

Increased Productivity and Focus

By easy time logging, users save time on administrative tasks, allowing more focus on core activities. This efficiency boost helps in better managing workloads and prioritizing tasks effectively.

Google Workspace app.

Consistent Work Log Maintenance

Ensure work logs are always current with easy updates from Google Calendar to JIra. This eliminates the hassle of frequent log updates, maintaining an accurate record of time spent on various tasks.

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Log time from Google Calendar Event against a selected Jira issue.

⚑️ Product Highlights

  • Simply select one of the calendar events you want to log as working hours in your Jira.
  • Search for an issue or enter a Jira Issue Key.
  • Log the calendar event as a worklog.
  • The worklog description will be the title of the event and it will be logged for the same date and time interval.If configured, the event will change to the desired colour after it has been logged.

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