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Announcements for Confluence

for Confluence Data Center 7.12.0 - 8.9.4
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Create and display announcements with pop-up banners in Confluence & Empower your team with simple permissions

Easy admin control: transparent announcements

Make announcement management easier with our user-friendly app. It lets Confluence administrators create messages displayed through clear and simple banners.

Customize alerts: tailor them to your needs

Customize alerts just the way you like them, using advanced options like HTML, text, and icons. And, you can also use the 'Don't show again' feature to stay focused without any interruptions.

Boost team communication: simplify collaboration

Our app lets Confluence Administrators give trusted team members the ability to create and share announcements. Anyone with the right permissions can contribute to keeping the conversation flowing in Confluence.

More details

πŸš€ Discover our extraordinary solution to keep your team in sync. With Announcements for Confluence, you can create and display customized announcements within your work environment, keeping everyone informed and motivated in a simple and effective way.

βœ… Create announcements in seconds with our intuitive and agile editor.

βœ… Customize messages with a choice of HTML or plain text to perfectly suit your needs.

βœ… Display your announcements in simple, visually clear banners, ensuring that each message stands out.

βœ… Allows users to manage their time optimally with the "Don't show more" option on announcements.

βœ… Plus, if you already enjoy Announcements for Confluence, take communication to the next level with Announcements for Jira.

βœ… Discover all the Sevidev apps that have helped teams around the world succeed.

πŸ“₯ Don't wait any longer! Start a free trial of Announcements for Confluence and discover a powerful new way to keep your team fully connected and focused.

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Create straightforward banners and reduce interruptions by using the 'Don't show again' feature.

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