Uranus Single Sign On(SSO)for Confluence

for Confluence Data Center 6.0.1 - 8.6.2
  • Supported

Support oauth2 and okta login free authentication,Facilitate unified login entry for the company

set SSO config

Through configuration, there are two methods available: okta and oauth2. Log in to the system.

Configuration Introduction

Explain the relevant fields, clientId, and URL of okta or oauth2.

Non SSO login method

When problems arise, such as SSO system maintenance, etc. You can use:{http(s)://xxxx/login.action?noConfluenceUser=true} to login Confluence normally, you need to use Confluence's account and password.

More details

Allow communication to pass SSO login free authentication. Facilitate unified customer management. After configuring the corresponding parameters, you can jump to the SSO center for login while accessing confluence (no login status), and then call back to confluence for login

Privacy and security

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