Swagger UI Viewer for Confluence (OpenAPI integration)

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Embed and visualize OpenAPI docs directly in Confluence with Swagger UI integration

Dynamic Documentation Display

Elevate API insights with the Confluence Swagger plugin. Our OpenAPI visualizer turns static information into interactive, touchable endpoints using the Swagger OpenAPI viewer, ensuring a deep-dive exploration experience

Seamless Confluence Integration

Integrate the robustness of Swagger UI using our Confluence Swagger plugin. Dive into a seamless fusion of API management and documentation, streamlining your API processes within the trusted Confluence environment.

Unified Documentation Workspace

Strengthen your team's cohesion with the Confluence Swagger viewer. By integrating Swagger and OpenAPI, Confluence emerges as the unified hub for both dynamic API documentation and collaborative discussions.

More details

Delve into the advanced world of API documentation with the Confluence Swagger UI Viewer. Leveraging the power and precision of the open-source Swagger UI, our integration makes managing and viewing API details not just convenient, but transformative.

  • API Design: Craft and iterate API designs, fostering collaboration right within Confluence.
  • API Development: Get a clear, interactive view of API structures, enhancing team feedback and innovation.
  • API Documentation: Transform static text into dynamic, explorative touchpoints with Swagger's interactive interface.
  • API Testing: Promote robustness with integrated testing, ensuring seamless API functionality.
  • API Mocking and Virtualization: Visualize API behavior without backend constraints, aiding in data flow understanding.

    Dive into a seamless, integrated, and enriched API lifecycle. Confluence Swagger UI Viewer isn't just a tool; it's your next step in API excellence.

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    Swagger UI Viewer for Confluence (OpenAPI integration) integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

    • Act on a user's behalf, even when the user is offline
    • Read data from the host application