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for Jira Data Center 8.0.0 - 9.16.1 and more
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Perform maintenance efficiently while Jira is still running

Turn on Maintenance Mode

If you want to perform maintenance while Jira is still running, you can put the app into maintenance mode to restrict app usage.

Access Control

You can easily manage who has access to Jira in Maintenance mode. People without access will be redirected to the information page (by default, all Administrators have full access to the application)

Create Your Own Maintenance Landing Page

You can fully manage the content of the maintenance landing page thanks to the use of editing in "Rich text" mode

More details

Maintenance for Jira allows administrators to easily put Jira into maintenance mode.

Having this option to switch Jira into maintenance mode can be very useful for administrators, especially when planning daily maintenance / migration / upgrades or updates on a separate instance and planning the switch after testing is complete, during which you can control who has access to Jira and can make any changes.

Available functionalities:

  • manage the content of the maintenance landing page
  • manage messages in the application banner for people with access
  • control access to the application for selected users
  • easy configuration of outgoing emails
  • all user sessions without access to Jira will be automatically invalidated to prevent unwanted changes
  • blocked REST API calls for unauthorized users (all methods except GET are locked to prevent unwanted changes)

Privacy and security

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