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Connect, organize, and auto-generate documentation for your team's internal APIs and services

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A Central Home For Your Company's Internal APIs

Connect ReadMe Micro to your Bitbucket workspace, select the repos with OpenAPI (OAS) files you want to include, and we'll auto-generate an API Reference for it. It's like a developer hub for your engineering team!

Always Synced, Always Documented

Any changes made to the synced Open API (OAS) files are auto-synced in ReadMe Micro. Plus, all changes are noted in an auto-generated changelog and shown as differentiated versions so users can scan for recent updates.

Sharing is Caring

Once your repos are synced, engineering teams across your company can use ReadMe Micro to find & bookmark internal APIs. Now teams have all of the info they need and don't have to worry about manually updating files!

More details

While it’s common to have a public API — or a few! — that your company shares with the world, it’s also possible (and even likely) to have internal APIs and services that help teams within your organization get their work done better and faster. Unlike external APIs, internal APIs often fall through the organizational cracks — documentation can be seen as a hassle, and creating a full developer hub feels like overkill. Alternatively, if you don’t have a hub for internal APIs, it’s difficult for other engineering teams within your org to discover them, learn how they work, and incorporate them into their team’s workflow. As a result, teams end up duplicating work instead of finding and using APIs that already exist. That’s where ReadMe Micro comes to the rescue! ReadMe Micro is an auto-generated documentation solution for internal APIs — your developers can write the API, and we’ll take care of the rest, including updating the API documentation so that your developers don’t have to!

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Struggling to keep track of your team's internal APIs? Say hello to ReadMe Micro, the auto-generated documentation solution for internal APIs. It's a developer hub for your engineering team!