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No-code platform for designing chatbots that help with tasks across Confluence, Jira, & Bitbucket to make workflows more efficient

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Step 1: BotMagic Signup

  • Sign Up: Go to & create an account
  • Connect to OpenAI: Enter your OpenAI API Key on BotMagic

Step 2: Setting Up Your Bot Using Templates for Confluence & Jira

  • Access Bot Templates: After you log in, go to the "Bot Templates" page
  • Select the Jira/Confluence Template: Find the Confluence or Jira bot template that you wish to use, then press "Clone"
  • Customize Your Bot: Adjust details like the bot's name, appearance, & interaction style, then hit the "Save" button

Step 3: Making Bot Accessible to Atlassian Products

  • Get Your Bot from BotMagic: Go to the "My Bots" section, pick your bot, & go to the "Bookmarks" menu to see how to add it to your browser
  • Put the Bot in Your Browser: Take the bot link & add it to your browser's bookmarks

Step 4: Using Your Bot in Atlassian Products

  • Open Your Atlassian Software: Log into Confluence, Jira Portal
  • Launch & Chat with the Bot: Use the bot link in your bookmarks. After a bit, a sidebar or floating chatbot will appear

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