Mindflow for Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket

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No-Code Automation for enterprise teams. Mindflow enables cybersecurity, cloud, SOC, ITOps and more teams to automate workflows

Assign JIRA ticket from Slack response

This is an example of an approval and asynchronous playbook.

After retrieving all the details of an alert, the Slack action will request the team manager's approval in Slack and assign the Jira issue accordingly.

Create and assign Jira ticket from Canary Alert

This playbook creates a Jira ticket for each new Canary. tools alert and sends a message on Slack to assign it to a technician.

Enrich & document Recorded Future alerts

This playbook allows you to retrieve and enrich the latest Recorded Future alerts and send a Slack message to the analyst proposing to see the associated Jira ticket. the alert on Recorded Future or to close the alert.

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Mindflow integrates with Jira, Bitbucket, and Confluence, enabling users to automate custom workflows by connecting them with various tools without a single line of code.

With Mindflow, users can:

  • Create, track, and manage Jira issues
  • Trigger, review, and manage pull requests in Bitbucket
  • Streamline the creation, publication, and updating of Confluence pages

With Mindflow's extensive integrations:

  • Automate issue reporting in Jira based on alerts from tools like Crowdstrike, Wiz, AWS CloudWatch, or Splunk
  • Manage Bitbucket pull requests using notifications in Slack or Gmail
  • Automate customer support by creating Confluence knowledge base articles from resolved Zendesk tickets
  • Sync Hubspot marketing data with Jira projects for customer-centric project management

Mindflow's no-code approach empowers IT, DevOps, and project management teams to save time, boost productivity, and optimize workflows.

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