Sonrai App for Jira On-Prem

for Jira Data Center 8.18.0 - 9.15.0 and more
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Elevate Security with better tracking: Sonrai App for Jira On-Prem, Unifying Sonrai with Jira

Sonrai App Configuration Page

Jira admin users can configure Sonrai credentials, scheduler and data polling filters, the associated Jira Project, and corresponding Sonrai Swimlanes in which Tickets will be created.

Jira Issue Creation

The Sonrai App for Jira On-Prem fetches Sonrai Ticket data to facilitate Jira Issue creation, leveraging custom Jira Issue Types.

Update Sonrai Ticket(s)

The Sonrai App for Jira On-Prem updates the respective Sonrai Ticket based on changes to Jira Status or Assignee, and when a new Comment has been added to the Jira Issue.

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App Functionalities:

  • The Sonrai App for Jira On-Prem allows users to periodically fetch tickets/alerts from Sonrai into Jira based on specific filters and configured interval.
  • The app allows users to do multiple configurations for mapping a Jira project with multiple swimlanes.
  • The app creates and updates Jira issues based on Sonrai tickets/alerts retrieved from the Sonrai Platform.
  • The app also synchronizes changes in status and assignee in Jira issues with the Sonrai ticket/alert. Additionally, if any new comments are added to the Jira issues, it is added to the relevant Sonrai ticket.

Privacy and security

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