HYCU for Confluence

for Confluence Cloud
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Automated backup and granular restore for Confluence

Automated, set-and-forget backups for Confluence

With HYCU you can assign backup policies in seconds and maintain full freedom to manage backup frequencies and retention periods. Take advantage of complete backup assurance, complete with notifications and reporting.

Instant, granular restore of Confluence in 1 click

Restore Confluence data down to specific spaces, pages, blogposts, and even attachments. Avoid data loss and recover from deletions, bugs, outages, and ransomware attacks - With HYCU, there are no more “oh sh*t” moments!

Easily meet compliance & retention requirements‍

With HYCU, you have full control of your data protection. Store copies of data offsite, from days to years, choose backup frequency and where to store the data, and create reports to provide compliance & pass any audit.