Pull Request Squash Button for Bitbucket

for Bitbucket Data Center 7.14.0 - 8.19.6 and more
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Better Code Quality Control with PR Commit Squashing

Effortless Commit Management

A Squash button is integrated on the Pull Request page.

Seamless Commit Editing

Click the Squash button once to populate the first commit details and begin selecting the commit author for the pull request squashing.

Streamlined Commit History

All commits are squashed into one commit onto the latest commit of the target branch, creating a concise one-line history in the target branch after the pull request is merged.

More details

A Bitbucket Squash button enables you to combine all commits, including mixed merge commits, within a pull request into a single commit, rebasing them onto the target branch without performing a PR merge. In cases where there's only one commit, it serves as a "Rebase and Amend" operation.

This functionality streamlines the commit history, making it easier to review and track changes.

Privacy and security

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Administrator created a pull request from "basic_branch" to "master" and added Squash User as the code reviewer. Squash User then updated the pull request by adding a second commit to the source branch.