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Get unified, risk-based application security feedback directly in your developer workflows—without slowing down releases

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Integrate your repositories for compete visibility

Apiiro integrates with your SCM to form an inventory and SBOM of code components, OSS packages, APIs, and more. Using this data, Apiiro's Risk Graph provides visibility to determine real risks.

Unify application security posture management

Apiiro's ASPM platform offers a control plane for application security, presenting insights into trend-based security management. Unifying application risks, it provides context to secure your cloud delivery.

Automate remediations and developer guardrails

Apiiro links risks to code owners, providing remediation guidance for swift risk resolution. Automated guardrails in developer tools prevent real risks from being released.

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Apiiro’s risk-driven approach to application and software supply chain security empowers security and development teams with the visibility and context they need to identify, fix, and prevent risks that matter – faster.


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Privacy policy

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Integration Details

Apiiro for Bitbucket Cloud integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Ability to see all the user's account information
  • Access to pull requests, and ability to create, merge and decline them
  • Read access to all the repositories the authorizing user has access to