Quip Integration for Confluence

for Confluence Data Center 7.13.0 - 8.9.4 and more
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Integrate your Quip content into Confluence

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Show Dynamic Quip Content on Confluence Pages

Use the Quip for Confluence macro to dynamically pull Quip content into Confluence pages. Quip formatting is translated into native Confluence formatting to align the look-and-feel with Confluence.

Multiple Quip Macros Supported

You can add multiple Quip for Confluence macros to the same Confluence page. This allows you to collate multiple pieces of Quip content into one view.

Import documents into Confluence as new pages

Convert Quip documents into Confluence pages. Translates Quip formatting into Confluence storage format, allowing you to edit documents in Confluence. Turns all Quip attachment into Confluence attachments.

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  • Import Quip documents into Confluence
    • Turn Quip documents into Confluence pages
    • Translates Quip formatting into native Confluence formatting
    • Turns Quip attachments into Confluence attachments
  • Use Quip Macro to view live content from Quip on Confluence pages
  • Quip document search
    • Search for Quip documents directly from Confluence and insert as live Quip macro or import as Confluence page
  • (beta) Use anchors for Quip Macro to select specific content from a Quip page

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