ChatGPT AI for Jira

by eesel
for Jira Cloud
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Connect GPT 4 and ChatGPT to your Jira and get a chat bot that can instantly answer any question about your issues

🤖 ChatGPT over your Jira

Get a ChatGPT oracle that can answer any question based on all of your Jira issues

💨 Teach it any page with 1 click

Teach it all of your Jira issues, Confluence wiki, Notion pages and more with 1 click

🔮 Ask it any question

Get instant answers to any question to maximise productivity and team momentum

More details

Imagine an ✨ oracle ✨ that can answer any question based on your company knowledge.


🔮 Ask questions about your Jira - and more:

The oracle can learn from any page in the browser in seconds. Simply open pages you want the oracle to learn, click "Import", and - voila! You can now ask questions about any of these pages.

🔒 Full control over your data:

There's NO need to give API access to all of your Jira. You can choose exactly what you share with the Oracle, and you can "unteach" pages at any point. No data is ever used by ChatGPT / OpenAI to train their models, and they delete any data sent to them in less than 30 days.


👋 Say goodbye to searching through messy company knowledge. The company oracle got you covered, and it'll take 5 minutes to set up.


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