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for Confluence Data Center 7.4.0 - 8.3.4 and more
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ChatGPT integration in AI for Confluence enhances collaboration, speeds up content creation, and improves content accessibility

Just select some text...

Fully integrated in the Confluence editor.

...ask ChatGPT about suggestions...

Using the most powerful ChatGPT 3 model.

...and easily paste the answer to your page!

Boosts the efficiency of your whole organization.

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AI for Confluence with ChatGPT integration boosts collaboration, accelerates content creation, ensures consistency and accuracy, and makes content more accessible.

  • Improves collaboration by helping team members generate ideas, answer questions, and offer suggestions.
  • Enables faster content creation by quickly generating high-quality content without having to spend time researching or brainstorming.
  • Ensures consistency in content across an organization or team.
  • Increases the accuracy of content by providing suggestions and answering questions.
  • Integration makes content more accessible by generating content in different languages or simplifying complex ideas.

ℹ️ To use AI for Confluence, you will need to set up an OpenAI account and create an API key. Please note that while there is a free tier available, additional costs may apply afterwards. ℹ️

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