Develocity Plugin for Bamboo

by Gradle
for Bamboo Server 6.9.2 - 9.4.4 and more
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Use Develocity to easily instrument Gradle and Maven CI jobs

Develocity integration

Develocity leverages acceleration technologies to speed up the software build and test process and data analytics to make troubleshooting more efficient. Learn more at

Build Scan® for Gradle and Maven builds

A new section under the “Managed Apps” of Bamboo Administration page - Develocity integration. Enable build scan publishing for both Gradle and Maven builds. Visit for more details.

Build Scan Links

You can easily navigate to the build scans, that were published during the job, on the new Build scans tab on the job details page.

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The version 1.3.0 is the last version of this plugin available via the marketplace. For newer versions, please consider installing the plugin manually from here:

This plugin integrates with Develocity for Gradle and Maven builds run via Bamboo. Build scans are available as a free service on and commercially via Develocity.

For each Gradle and Maven build that is run from Bamboo, this plugin exposes the links to the created build scans in the Bamboo UI. The plugin can also be configured to ad-hoc connect Gradle and Maven builds to an existing Develocity instance such that a Build Scan is published each time a build is run from Bamboo.

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