Secrets & Config Engine for Jira and CI/CD Pipelines

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Connect - Abstract - Inject Consistent Deploys & Easy Secrets Rotation

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Works with Jira & CI/CD Pipelines

Leverage Jira for config and security changes

Integrated with CI/CD Pipelines (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, etc)

Connect teams & workflows

Maximun Production Deploy Velocity

Config Once Deploy Everywhere (CODE)

Automated late-binding injection

Eliminate manual tasks in deploy process

Federated Secret Stores

Connects to all stores and instances

Easily rotate secrets and report

Track changes and audit compliance

More details

  • "It's like having an SRE embedded in my dev team keyboard" (Relay Networks)
  • Improves deploy success rate 4X
  • 70% less time to deploy feature release
  • Find and fix leaked secrets in seconds
  • Inject late-binding parameters into runtime environment
  • Can be consumed as SaaS or Private-SaaS (VPC)

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