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ChatGPT for Confluence

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  • Okami is the way to talk to your pages, means it allows to extract data from Confluence pages through chat
  • Okami can be used to find links, step-by-step guides, module information, and ownership of internal terminology and much much more
  • Okami does not index your data
  • Okami is currently in beta and feedback is welcomed at support@okami.io

The app is located in the app menu and appears as a full page in Confluence.

Privacy and security

Privacy policy

Atlassian's privacy policy is not applicable to the use of this app. Please refer to the privacy policy provided by this app's partner.

Partner privacy policy


Integration Details

Ōkami integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Read a summary of the content, which is the content without expansions. Note, APIs using this scope may also return data allowed by read:confluence-space.summary. However, this scope is not a substitute for read:confluence-space.summary.
  • View user information in Confluence that you have access to, including usernames, email adresses and profile pictures.
  • View details regarding content and its associated properties.
  • View the profile details for the currently logged-in user.


It is possible for you to request a detailed, step by step guide