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Get an instant, noise-free overview of all your product's security issues

Aikido brings together a bunch of tooling that you otherwise have to set up manually, or buy at expensive prices. We focus on cutting out the false positives.


- Dependency vulnerabilities (with reachability analysis): we go and look at which functions of which package, actually expose you (replaces Trivy, Dependabot, Renovatebot or many Snyk features)

- Open-source license reporting: check for dual, non-reputable, or problematic licenses (replaces manual export, BlackDuck or Fossology)

- Cloud security posture: we do a bunch of (mis)configuration checks on your cloud set-up. Support for AWS, GCP & Azure (replaces CloudSploit, AWS inspector, and important Orca security features)

- Secrets detection: scan for leaked & exposed API keys, passwords, certificates, encryption keys, etc. (replaces Gitguardian or Gitleaks)

- SAST (replacing SonarQube)

- Surface Monitoring: Detect exposed surfaces for issues like SSL compliance and DNS takeover attack risks (replaces Detectify)

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