Azure AD (Microsoft Entra ID) Importer for JSM Assets

by Pio
for Jira Cloud
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  • Jira Service Management

Import Users, Groups, Departments, Licenses, Divisions, Cost Centers and more from Azure AD (Microsoft Entra ID) into your Assets

Sync your Azure AD Users with JSM Assets

Power up Atlassian’s Jira Service Management (JSM) by enabling additional use cases.

- Finding managers of users

- Setting the owner of a device (laptop, desktop, tablet, phone, etc.)

- Control License Usage

And more…

Hosted on Atlassian Forge Platform

Runs on the Forge Platform which provides:

- Serverless Computing Platform

- Rest API Interfaces

- Secure Hosted Storage

Test and schedule imports

- Test your import for a sample data set and run for a full sync ( 10000+ users and groups)

- Schedule your imports for keeping the data up to date (daily or hourly)

- Review audit logs and debug logs when you need

More details

Azure AD (Microsoft Entra ID) Importer for JSM Assets is a quick and effective solution for introducing new JSM use cases for your organization. It is built on top of Atlassian's Forge platform which provides the foundation for enterprise-grade security, scalability, availability, performance and enables a well-architected solution.

With the help of Microsoft Entra ID Importer for JSM Assets (Version 4.13+), you can create Users, Groups, Licenses, Departments, Divisions, Cost Centers, Locations, and Accounts by synchronizing data from your Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) in less than 5 minutes.

Prerequisite: Active subscription for JSM Cloud Premium or Enterprise Plan.

Important Features:

  • Connect Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) and JSM Assets
  • Automated Sync (Hourly and Daily Schedule)
  • Filtering for Users and Groups
  • Selectable data types
  • Selectable User Properties
  • Scalability (i.e. 10000+ records)
  • Test Import
  • Notify Me
  • Check Import Status
  • Logs and Audit Logs
  • Hosted on Atlassian’s Forge



This app offers additional security, reliability, and support through:

  • Cloud security participation
  • Reliability checks
  • 24hr support response time
  • and more.

Privacy and security

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Integration Details

Azure AD (Microsoft Entra ID) Importer for JSM Assets integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Read and write to app storage service