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Test management for Jira supporting all testing strategies: Script, Session, Defects, Test Case, Test Execution, BDD & Automation

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All-in-One Test Management Solution

Comprehensive Test Management for Jira supports all test environments and testing strategies: agile testing or traditional test management.

- Scripted Test

- Exploratory Test

- Test Case Management

Exploratory Testing, Test Session & Test Script

- Exploratory Test ensures rapid release cycles & continuous delivery.

- Efficient testing updates with real-time data tracking.

- Script editor to quickly write tests, checklists, test runs, record test results inline.

Traditional Enterprise Test Management

- Enterprise Test Management

- AI Integration with Test Cases & Test Steps Generator.

- Coming soon: APIs and CLI to integrate with automated Test Frameworks, BDD, CI/CD pipelines, DevOps tools.

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AgileTest is a comprehensive, full-featured test case management for Jira, it supports all possible testing management strategies and more.

- Write test scripts and checklists with a robust editor. Immediately execute and record the outcomes.

- Enhance your development lifecycle with exploratory testing, test session management and note taking capabilities

- General Jira Test management: Full-featured traditional test management strategy with Test Case, Test PreCondition, Test Suite, Test Steps, Test Plan, Test Run, and comprehensive reports.

- Sprint Test: designed for testing the work of a Scrum team sprint-by-sprint.

- Automation (coming soon): Open APIs and features to support automated Test, BDD, integration with CI/CD pipelines, DevOps tools, and other related elements to maximize efficiency and performance.

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This app offers additional security, reliability, and support through:

  • Cloud security participation
  • Reliability checks
  • 24hr support response time
  • and more.

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Integration Details

Agile Test - Enterprise QA & Test Management for Jira integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Act on a user's behalf, even when the user is offline
  • Administer the host application
  • Administer Jira projects
  • Delete data from the host application


Ensure an exceptional user experience, optimal app performance, and robust security measures.