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Power Markdown for Jira enables the creation of data driven Markdown based content for Jira issues

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Create data driven Markdown templates

Use variables, user input and Issue field data, coupled with powerful expressions, to build Markdown templates for various use cases.

Apply Markdown templates to Issues

Markdown templates are made visible to users based on assigned roles.

Apply a template to an issue to create a comment or update a field.

View up to date content using Dynamic Markdown

As well as creating static content for comments and issue fields, Markdown templates can be used to create Dynamic Markdown, enabling the generation of content on demand.

More details

Power Markdown for Jira enables the creation of data driven Markdown based content for Jira issues.

Use variables, user input and issue data to construct your Markdown templates.

Markdown templates can then be used to create comments, update issue fields and display up to date content in real time within Jira issues.

Key features:

  • Drag and drop builder enables the construction of Markdown templates using a combination of Markdown text and control flow blocks.
  • Use Expressions to transform and merge data into the Markdown and conditionally display Markdown templates to users for selection.
  • Use variables (managed in the UI or API), user input (data entered by users whilst consuming templates) and Jira Issue data within the Markdown templates to merge in data or in conditional logic.
  • User roles control which templates are visible to your users.

Have any questions get in touch: support@jetpacksoftware.com

Or view the documentation: https://jetpacksoftware.com/docs/power-markdown-for-jira

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Integration Details

Power Markdown for Jira integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • View application roles.
  • View system and custom avatars.
  • View issue comment properties.
  • View issue comments.