Advanced Repository Linking API For Bamboo

for Bamboo Server 8.0.0 - 9.3.6, Bamboo Data Center 8.0.0 - 9.3.6 and more
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Increase the efficiency of your CI/CD process with Balra, the Auto Link Repository API for Bamboo

Save time & manual effort of linking respositories

With Balra you automate the process of linking repositories to Bamboo. Anyone in the organization can easily link a new repository with one simple command freeing up the CI/CD department to focus on other tasks.

Improve efficiency of your development teams

Through an automated build process developers can focus on writing code and deploying applications. The automation also supports a faster deployment of code changes and updates with less risk of generating errors.

Deliver high-quality software faster

...through a streamlined and automated CI/CD process.

More details

In software development smooth processes are essential to help the developers focus on code writing. A tool that supports this is Bamboo, a CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) platform that automates the build and deployment process for software developers. However, creating and managing Bamboo build plans can be time-consuming and prone to errors, mainly if you're working on a large, complex project.

That's where the Balra plugin for Bamboo comes in.

Balra is a plugin that simplifies managing Bamboo build plans and connecting them to Git repositories. With Balra, teams can automatically link repositories to Bamboo, freeing up the CI/CD department to focus on other tasks. This is especially useful for organizations implementing microservices or using tools like AWS, SDK, or Terraform to deploy infrastructure as code.

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