Scrum Master Assistant for Jira - forecasting and insights

by Quirk
for Jira Cloud
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Boost your team's performance with actionable insights and visually stunning charts

Gain greater insights on your team's performance

Go beyond your typical burndown and velocity charts and see how your teams are performing with views on cycle time, lead time and throughput of work.

Easy-to-use advanced forecasting tools

Understand where the confidence and risk lies before your next deadline with our advanced Monte Carlo forecasting tool.

Enhance your existing charts and dashboards

Enhance yout typical out-of-the-box charts like a Cumulative Flow Diagram or Burndown chart with advanced views to give you more insights on how your teams are operating.

More details

The role of the Scrum Master aims to enhance their team's performance and streamline the processes by which they achieve their goals. A common problem they face is being able to isolate the root cause of the impediment that is slowing the team down, or preventing them from reaching their true potential.

But what if you could see beyond the typical Scrum boards and reports to understand what is really happening? This would allow the Scrum Master the ability to drive swift continuous improvement within their team with confidence, and bring the team back to their full potential!

That's where the Scrum Master Assistant comes in. The Scrum Master Assistant plugin for Jira creates visual representations of your team's key performance metrics to give you full oversight on the bottlenecks in your work. You'll gain valuable insights, trends and forecasts to allow you to act with confidence and supercharge your Scrum team!

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Scrum Master Assistant for Jira - forecasting and insights integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

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