Qualys IaC Security

for Bamboo Server 8.0.0 - 9.1.3

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Scan the Infrastructure-as-Code templates from your CI/CD pipeline using Qualys CloudView

Qualys as a Task

Use the Qualys connector as a task in your bamboo project. In the Tasks tab, click Add Task, and simply search for “Qualys” to get the 'Qualys IaC Security' task. Click on it to add it as a task.

Easily Configurable

Configure the Qualys connector. You can provide a local configuration.

Visual Reports

When the build task runs, it gets the Scan report data for templates from the Qualys platform and renders nice visual reports of the statistics.

More details

With an introduction of the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) security feature by Qualys Cloud-View, you can now secure your IaC templates before the cloud resources are deployed in your cloud environments. The IaC Security feature will help you shift cloud security and compliance posture to the left, allowing evaluation of cloud resources for misconfigurations much early during the development phase. CloudView offers integration with Bamboo to scan and secure your IaC templates using the Bamboo pipeline job. It continuously verifies security misconfigurations against CloudView controls and displays the misconfigurations for each run. With continuous visibility of the security posture of your laC Templates at Bamboo pipeline, you can plan for remediation to stay secure post-deployment.You can optionally access your Qualys subscription to view the full report. For more details, please refer Qualys IaC Security User Guide.

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