Visualizer for Confluence | Markdown, PlantUML, Mermaid, ERD

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Diagrams and documents from text based formats like AsciiDoc, OpenAPI, GraphViz and SVG. Also adds syntax highlighting for code

Create and render diagrams from text based formats

Easily share schemas, flowcharts, blueprints and source code with your team and stakeholders straight from Confluence.

Render diagrams from a huge range of format types

Markdown, PlantUML, Mermaid, ERD, AsciiDoc, OpenAPI, GraphViz, SVG, Source code and more! The formats you need not yet available? Let us know!

Syntax highlighting and line numbering

Visualizer supports syntax highlighting for different programming languages, making source code easier to read and understand. Helping you identify potential errors such as missing brackets or incorrect indentation.

More details

Supported formats:

  • AsciiDoc
  • BlockDiag
  • BMPN
  • Bytefield
  • Ditaa
  • ERD
  • Excalidraw
  • GraphViz
  • Markdown
  • Mermaid
  • NomNoml
  • OpenAPI (Swagger)
  • Pikchr
  • PlantUML
  • Source code
  • SVGBob
  • Umlet
  • Vega
  • Vega-Lite
  • WaveDrom

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Visualizer for Confluence | Markdown, PlantUML, Mermaid, ERD integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

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