Security for Jira: Enhanced Secret Scanner by Soteri

by Soteri
for Jira Data Center 8.8.0 - 9.15.2 and more
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Detect sensitive data such as API keys and passwords with this powerful Jira security scanner. Run audits & protect PII

Secret Scanning for Issues, Attachments & Comments

Run automated and manual audits to find secrets in projects, issues, comments, and attachments. The Jira secret scanner even audits issue history to find sensitive information in high-risk areas.

Built-in And Customizable Secret Scanning Rules

Have confidence in your Jira secret scanning as 40+ secrets are automatically detected including API keys, passwords, and financial info. Add unlimited custom rules (via regex) to detect other sensitive information.

Top Firms Use Soteri for GDPR & CAIQ Compliance

Leading companies rely on Soteri's Atlassian secret scanners to protect their PII. Running automated scans also helps them gain and demonstrate compliance for GDPR, CAIQ, HIPAA, and multiple other security standards.

More details

Jira secret scanner to discover sensitive information in projects, issues, comments, attachments, and issue history. Discover when users add passwords, private keys, API keys, and other secrets to Jira Data Center. Protect your company from this common mistake that can be exploited by attackers!

✅ Feature highlights:

  • Project, issue, comment, and attachment scanning
  • Built-in patterns for the most common targets of attack
  • Easy interface for adding your own patterns via regex rules
  • Demonstrate and gain compliance for GDPR, CAIQ, HIPPA, and multiple other security standards
  • Scan issue history to find vulnerabilities in high-risk areas
  • Downloadable reports of scan findings
  • REST API for scripting and automation
  • Flexible workflows for false positives

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