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ZigiOps supports integrations for Jira, Jira SM and Data Center. Integrate Jira with Freshdesk, Azure DevOps, ServiceNow and more

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User-friendly, yet powerful interface

Our newest version of ZigiOps focuses on flawless user experience and enables you to install, modify and set up your integrations within a few clicks.

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Integrations Template Library

ZigiOps has ready to use integration templates, yet it is flexible enough and gives you the ability to seamlessly create your own integrations, define various parameters and build many workflows, tailored per your needs.

Advanced Data Mappings

When integrating Jira and Freshdesk with ZigiOps you can go beyond the top information layer and capture complex data relationships and system dependencies for full transparency.

More details

Connect Freshdesk and Jira in a few clicks, with ZigiOps’ powerful, no-code integration. Boost productivity and streamline cross-team collaboration.

Use Case:

The service desk team receives a new ticket in Freshdesk. They find out the issue is coming from a software bug. This means they need to forward it to the development team, i.e. log it into Jira.

With ZigiOps, the entire process is automated. The integration platform extracts all the data from the Freshdesk ticket and logs it in Jira instantly. The service desk team does not need to do any manual work, and the DevOps team gets the necessary details in real time.

ZigiOps synchronizes all log files, comments, notes, traces, or other attachments. Everything is updated instantly in both directions – if there are any changes in the Freshdesk ticket, ZigiOps updates the Jira issue, and vice versa.

Once the Jira issue is resolved, ZigiOps automatically sets the Freshdesk ticket to closed.

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