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Start your meetings with randomly generated icebreaker questions

Break the Ice at the Start of Your Meetings

Meeting Icebreakers for Confluence adds a short discussion prompt that you can use to start friendly, informal discussions at the beginning of a meeting to help break the ice.

Who Answers First?

Add meeting participants and the app will generate an order for them to answer so there’s no awkward wait to see who will go first. You can also choose the type of icebreaker questions with a list of categories.

Choose from Hundreds of Prompts

Don’t like the prompt you generated? Click the Shuffle button and get a new one instantly. With hundreds of variations in the database, you won’t run out of discussion topics anytime soon.

More details

Shatter the awkward silence at the start of team meetings with the questions generated by Meeting Icebreakers for Confluence. Insert the macro into your meetings page and it will automatically generate a new question to get the conversation started.

Add meeting participants and the app will generate a random order for people to answer the question, so you won't get an awkward silence waiting to see who goes first. The questions are pulled from a giant list of available options, such as:

  • What's something on your desk, a nearby wall, or out the window that cheers you up during the day?
  • You have to sing karaoke, what song do you pick?
  • What does your typical work from home uniform look like?

You can also choose the categories of questions you want to answer, from funny prompts to team building ideas. If you don't like the icebreaker generated, click Shuffle and a new question will be created.

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