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Include Git files and pull requests and other data from public or private repos on GitHub | Markdown, PlantUML, AsciiDoc and more

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Up-to-date GitHub data in Confluence

Add automatically synchronised file content and create repository dashboards with Pull Requests and Issues lists inside Confluence.

Markdown, AsciiDoc support & code highlighting

Render Markdown, AsciiDoc and popular image file types. For code files, the used programming language is detected automatically with syntax highlighting applied. No configuration necessary!

Enforced GitHub user permissions

Permissions to view content from private repositories are delegated to GitHub through individual user authentication. Keep consistency with GitHub user permissions for content included!

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✨ Key features

  • Macros to include files, issues and pull requests from GitHub Cloud repos in Confluence and keep them in sync
  • Allows simply copy & pasting a GitHub URL in your Confluence editor, & the referenced GitHub files will be rendered
  • Markdown, PlantUML & AsciiDoc files are automatically rendered as HTML
  • Source code files are syntax highlighted
  • PDF / Word File Macro Export
  • File Macro compatible with K15t Scroll Viewport

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