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Draw diagrams naturally and effortlessly using powerful shape recognition technology

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Powerful shape recognition

You can draw basic shapes (e.g. rectangle, circles etc) on your screen as if you draw on a piece of paper and Lekh Diagram will convert your rough drawings into regular shapes in smart mode.

Whiteboarding with free-hand drawing

Use the scribble mode to use Lekh Diagram as a whiteboard tool. You can draw freely without shape recognition with many colors.

Shape Library

Using the shape library create diagrams like flowcharts, UI wireframes, UML and many more.

More details

Lekh Diagram is a sketch recognition diagramming app used by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. It is a popular diagramming app on phones and tablets. The Atlassian integration enables users to insert Lekh Diagram in the confluence wiki.

The Lekh Diagram lets you draw shapes naturally on the canvas and recognizes your rough drawings and converts them into regular shapes. This enables you to quickly draw block diagrams and flowcharts. You can also use the shape library to drag drop shapes onto the canvas and create diagrams like UML, UI Wireframes etc.

To utilize the maximum power of the Lekh Diagram, it is recommended to use touch screens. However you can use non-touch screens as well. You can create or edit diagrams on your mobile devices (phones, tablets) and import those diagrams in the confluence through the import menu.

Visit our homepage https://lekh.app for more detail.

Please feel free to contact us info@lekhapp.com for any query and a free demo.

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Integration Details

Lekh Diagram and Whiteboard for Confluence Cloud integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

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Simple interface. Just draw naturaly on the canvas and the shapes will be recognized.