Snapshots Traceability Extensions for Jira Snapshots

for Confluence Cloud
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The Confluence power-up for Xray users. "No-code" test and traceability reports. Note: The Jira Snapshots App is prerequisite

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One click to test reports in Confluence

Add static Jira data to Confluence pages- along with Xray specific data. The test table is now embedded in a Confluence page, where all background information can be seamlessly added.

Supports Xray “Test” issue types (Xray fields)

For Xray Tests, configure snapshot macros to retrieve also fields that reside in Xray. A drop-down menu controls which fields. Drag and drop to change their order.

Supports for Xray “Test run” entities

Retrieves Test run data, which exists only inside Xray. For each Test, filter the Test runs that is included in the snapshot. A drop-down menu controls which fields are included. Drag and drop to change their order.

More details

This app is an extension of Jira Snapshots for Confluence.

Jira Snapshots has to be installed to use this app.

It integrates with Xray and retrieves data that does not live in Jira, but on Xray.

Configurable no-code Xray reports types:

  • List of tests, with Xray specific fields: Test type, test status, definition and more.
  • Test summary reports. A Jira Snapshot report can include detailed information about Test runs:
    • Filter the test run information based on: version, environment, and recency.
    • Retrieve internal test run information: version, environment, executed by, defects, and more.

For teams who need to create traceability matrices and release documentation. Create these reports in Confluence to achieve:

  • Integration with templates, free text, and all the complete authoring experience in Confluence.
  • Seamless flow with document approval processes in Confluence.

In Data Center: The same Xray integration features are part of Jira Snapshots for Confluence.

Privacy and security

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Integration Details

Snapshots Traceability Extensions for Jira Snapshots integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • View the profile details for the currently logged-in user.