Intelligent User Manager (IUM) for Confluence

by Accxia
for Confluence Data Center 7.16.0 - 8.9.4 and more
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License users with floating licenses&reduce the license tier that you subscribe to/delay an upgrade. Also compatible with SERVER

How many concurrent user sessions do you have?

This is a report from our LogViewer tool

We use Jira log files to show the peak of active user sessions in your instance

This customer has 1,900 registered users but peaked at 277 active user sessions.

Deploy IUM to optimise your licensing

We create two new local groups to manage application access:

Enabled = software license allocated

Disabled = no software license, but all permissions retained

IUM will automatically move users between groups, as required


The IUM App supports custom REST API. You are able to include custom REST API locations from any third party tool as Scriptrunner for example.

More details

Intelligent User Manager (IUM) is a cost-saving solution that allows you to license users on a floating license model.

Traditionally with Atlassian software, you must license each user with a fixed software license, even if they are not actively using the software. When switching to a floating licensing model you only need enough software licenses to cover the maximum concurrent user sessions.

We typically observe concurrent usage peaks between 10-20% of the number of registered users. i.e., 3,100 registered users will peak at 620 concurrent user sessions.

We create two new local user groups: IUM_Enabled & IUM_Disabled to manage application access. The only difference between both groups is that a software license is allocated to users in IUM_Enabled which in turn provides application access all other permissions are not affected.

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