Harness Service Reliability Management

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Deploy Faster With Better Reliability

Continuously Improve Reliability

Automatically run the right checks at the right stages of the pipeline (shift-left reliability) to deliver software faster with the confidence that it will be reliable.

Composite SLOs to support your unique requirements

When development, deployment, and reliability teams define SLOs together, everyone wins. Say goodbye to finger-pointing, arguing about SLOs and Error Budget, and surprise deployment stoppages.

Change impact analysis identifies SLO violations

Native Error Tracking automatically identifies all errors across all stages of development and provides full debugging details. Never promote execution errors into production again.

More details

  • Harness SRM helps you create the best customer experience by supporting the following use cases:-
  • Balance feature velocity with reliability goals using automated reliability guardrails.These guardrails ensure that your best development teams can deploy new features at their desired velocity while other teams are required to fix reliability issues before deploying new features and possibly making matters worse.
  • Achieve the fastest possible MTTR by combining and analyzing log, metric, trace, change, incident, and more data sources. Harness will automatically analyze these sources and point you to the most likely cause of a reliability issue.
  • SRM supports SLO-as-code, API driven SLO, and template driven SLO to make it easy to implement and manage reliability targets at any scale. SRM will get your SRE and engineering teams on the same page, working from the same data set, and driving forward together to achieve the disparate but intertwined goals of each team.

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