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Create UML sequence diagrams using textual notation or draw quickly via Drag and Drop

Text notation in combination with Drag and Drop

Simple and robustly featured Available online for over 10 years and serving several thousands of daily unique users.

Instantly rendered

All parsing, processing, and drawing is done client side, all data is stored in your confluence page. Use page history to see changes or restore previous versions.

Update the diagram at the same pace as you think

Improved efficiency when creating and working with sequence diagrams by combining text notation and drawing by clicking and dragging in the same model. Edit, add, move, delete, and change where it is easiest to do so.

More details

Steps to create a new diagram:

  • Edit a page
  • Type /seq... and select for Confluence
  • A full screen editor will be displayed allowing maximum screen usage for you to create the diagram
  • Press the blue [Save to Confluence] button in the top right corner (or [Cancel] button to abort)
  • Select diagram scaling using the built in confluence functionality
  • Publish your page
  • Done!

All parsing, processing, and drawing is done client side in your browser. The diagram source data is stored in your confluence page, not on any external servers, which means that you can compare versions of your diagrams using confluence built in page history.

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