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Agile Analytics

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Stop guessing, Start measuring! Key insights for Agile Coaches and Development Managers

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DORA Metrics

The DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) team has identified four metrics that have been found to correlate strongly with: Lower attrition, Increased employee motivation and Higher employee engagement

Error Budgets

Error Budgets enable a large amount of autonomy for your software teams. Feature teams can steer priority based on the level of service that is currently being offered to stakeholders.

Sprint Insights

Sprint Insights will show you how much focus there is on feature and not-feature work within your team. Our machine learning model indicates if a ticket is part of operations or a new feature.

More details

  • Agile Analytics collects relevant data from your software development systems and translates it to clear dashboards
  • Agile Analytics provides objective, data-driven and concrete information on your teams’ well-being and performance
  • Agile Analytics allows you to make better decisions for your software teams and to get a grip on your projects

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