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Unlock people insights in Jira for team capacity and resource planning to maximize team productivity

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Visualize productivity with pre-built dashboards

Track team productivity with pre-built dashboards on story points, sprint progress, planning, and velocity charts. Build high-performing teams for projects and identify possible skill gaps.

Track team capacity and project progress

Gain better visibility for capacity planning with tools to understand story point output, sprint planning reports, and link with project outputs by understanding team’s time usage, work distribution, and efficiency.

Streamline Resource Planning

Keep an eye on critical metrics for project management like average lead time, and time spent in status. Quickly understand resource utilization, blocked projects, below capacity performance and more.

More details

With Visier Analytics for Jira, we’re bringing the power of Visier People® to your Jira data. This app unlocks the insights in your Jira instance, helping you better understand your people, your projects, and your team’s productivity.

Install Visier Analytics for Jira to:

  • Get instant out-of-the-box visualizations & analytics on your Jira data
  • Understand how your team’s focus are affecting your projects and output
  • Keep track of how your projects are progressing over time
  • Identify any blockers, stagnation, or risks to on-time delivery early, so you can take action
  • Get insights into your team’s output over time
  • Monitor each team member’s contributions over time, including workload, productivity and work quality
  • Visualize and improve the quality and hygiene of your Jira data

Questions about Visier Analytics for Jira?

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Integration Details

Visier Analytics for Jira integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • View email addresses of users
  • Read data from the host application

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